Orphan’s school bag

Amont : 250 Dirhams
At the beginning of the school year, a school supplies will be distributed to the orphans, in order to increase their academic level, and continue their studies in the best conditions

250 MAD 23 € 26 $ 96 SAR 93 QAR

Sponsorship of an orphan

Amont : 700 Dirhams
The sponsorship is one of the finest methods of solidarity between human beings. And thanks to your charity, we seek to compensate for the orphan, deprived of paternal tenderness.
By sponsoring that orphan family (widow and 3 orphan) you provide integrated services to meet all the needs of a family of orphans, and guarante their chastity and decency.

700 MAD 65 € 75 $ 270 SAR 265 QAR

Orphan camp

Amont : 300 Dirhams
During the summer holidays, The association organise a recreational and educational camps, as a reward for their children excelling academically.
With your support in this process, you will promote a purposeful step for recreation and entertainement of the orphans.

300 MAD 28 € 31 $ 115 SAR 111 QAR

Eid clothes and wear

Amont : 150 Dirham
Through this operation, clothes will be distributing to our orphan in feats.
Thanks to your contribution, the association provides clothees and shoes to the orphan, and brings a smile to his face.

150 MAD 14 € 16 $ 58 SAR 56 QAR